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Fox, NEWSMAX, OANN 24/7 are describing Joe Biden as, mentally incapable yet 'ramming socialism down your throats', economic 'armageddon totally incompetent' and he has been in office 3 days. How can unity have a chance when millions only see this?

Q. What’s your reaction to Fox News Kayleigh McEnany saying o n4/11/21 that in the Biden Administration “The radical left is really running the show”? Well, let’s consider a few things. The country is very divided right now. Obama really got the moss off the stone as far as division is concerned. True that the divide was forming, and even widening in past years, but Obama hyper-accelerated the process. Trump did not help the situation, but he did reveal the childish mindsets of the radical left pretty well. Trump did a good job of ignoring the radicals on both ends of the spectrum which is partly why he was so effective. He just had a PR problem. But this is not about Trump. This is about Biden. So I would point out some of the things that immediately make Biden not just a bad president, but a bad person and a radical. Keystone pipeline. He couldn’t act fast enough to shut that project down. So wave goodbye to all of those “shovel ready jobs” and put a whole bunch of people out of work. Assuming we can cold-turkey get off of oil for fuel, oil is still used in industry as a lubricant, and most synthetic lubes (at least most of the ones that work well and that I have ever heard of) are still based on crude oil distillates. So oil isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. My company has gone to using all-natural lubes in their gearing assemblies and the failure rate of our gearing assemblies has shot up. It’s quite comical to listen to the bean counters and engineers go back and forth to try to explain the sudden rise in failure rates but those of us that repair these machines know exactly what the cause is. So my point? At a time when the country needs to be brought back together, where our common ground needs to be found (or at this point probably created) Biden chose a wedge issue and applied pressure why? Because the enviro-nazis demanded it. What other issues can we hammer Biden over? I mean hell pick a topic. Take guns for instance. Biden could have gone out there searching for someone objective and knowledgeable about guns to head the ATF. Someone that could look at the issue and recommend (or implement) legitimate changes taking both sides’ views into account and compromising. But no. Who did that meathead nominate? A shill for gun control. Biden made it clear on the campaing trail that he wanted to take the gus away, he paid lip service to Francis telling people he was going to put the flunkie presidential nominee in charge of ‘taking your ar-15’s away.’ Not a unifying position since taking away AR-15’s is another wedge issue that is going to further drive America and could light the powder-keg to the tesion dividing America. Leaving facts aside (such as the fact that AR-15’s are anuallly responsible for fewer deaths than bare hands and feet; maybe we should ban bare hands and feet) creates an atmosphere where not only do people not trust you, but you expose yourself as being fringe and radical. Let’s also not forget that Biden has made it a point to nominate cabinet members (and even his own vice) based not on their qualifications, but on superficial factors such as race or sex. If I was president (or on the way to be elected as such) I wouldn’t care if my cabinet was composed of 3-legged circus freaks as long as t were objectively the most qualified people I could find to run the department to which I was assigning them. Most qualified precludes sex and race as considerations. If you wanted to call Biden racist and/or sexist because he specifically went looking for people of non-white/non-male persuation then you would be as justified as applying the same terms to someone that stood up at the podium and said “I’m going to nominate only white males to be part of my administration.” Affirmative Action hurts everyone, because not only does it ignore ACTUAL QUALIFICATIONS, but it creates the same barriers against a different group of people you are trying to demonlish for another. Sound like justice? Nah, doesn’t sound much like justice to me. Here’s how to be a radical. Ignore your critics even when t’re right. Don’t recognize that t have a valid complaint and sweep them under the rug. Make decisions not based on sound, logical, rational reasoning, but rather based on emotions and knee-jerk reactions. Fail to objectively test your policies against the outcome to see if your policies are making the problem worse or better. Ignore the Constituion you have sworn to uphold, and rather then devolve power stolen from the people by your predessors, double-down and seize more of it for yourself. Yup, seems from just this short list Biden is a radical. I could go on, but breaktime is over and if I don’t earn the money that gets taxed to pay for you to sit at home and do nothing then those checks are going to stop. Cheerio!

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