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Today, does Singapore enjoy a much higher standard of living than either Malaysia or Indonesia? Why?

By looking at the three countries, it is obvious that size matters greatly in the development of these countries. Singapore (area 719sq km, pop. 5.78 million, GDP USD 297 billion ) is just a red dot as compared to Indonesia and Malaysia, quoting Dr Habibie, a President of Indonesia from 1998 to 1999, but she is blessed by having a good strong government, civil servants of the highest quality and integrity and a strong united hardworking labour force. Endowed with a superb geographical location at the tip of the Malaya Peninsula is also a strong contributory factor carefully utilised by the government and its agencies. Being small and densely populated with a majority Chinese (75%) populace also help in the process. In the same breadth, Malaysia (area 330,803km, pop. 31.1 million, GDP USD296 billion) is also much smaller than Indonesia (area 1.905sq km, pop. 263.9 million, GDP USD 932.3 billion), also inherited a Westminster form of government from British like Singapore and is blessed with rich natural resources such as rubber, palm oil, cocoa, timber, tin, oil and gas, etc. She has a majority Malays and Bumiputeras (68%) populace, followed by the Chinese (23%) and Indians (7%). It is ranked 55/176 in the Corruption Perception Index. Indonesia, being the 15th largest in the country in the world, is an archipelago of more than 17000 islands where over 300 languages are spoken. She straddles the Equator between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. After gaining independence from the Netherlands in 1949, the country was under a period of unruly parliamentary democracy, martial law, guided democracy and finally elected democratic government from 1999. Being large and highly diverse, the development in the country is uneven and largely concentrated in Java and major cities elsewhere such as Medan and Den Pasar. Indonesia still struggles with poverty and unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, corruption, a complex regulatory environment and unequal resource among its regions. The country is blessed with ample natural resources including oil and gas. It is ranked 90/176 in the Corruption Perception Index. In recent years, Indonesia has become one of the world's major economies.

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The improvement in its economic circumstances is due in large part to the efforts of its technocrats that have been in charge of economic reform. The government has implemented the “Five Principles on Governance” that include: — 1. Effective governance to meet the aspirations and aspirations of the people as far as possible. 2. Inclusion and fairness of all; 3. Efficiency in public administration that allows us to achieve results. 4. Flexible and adaptable to the realities of modern, dynamic, interdependent society. 5. Trust and respect between different groups in all their activities. Indonesia has managed to bring its development to near-normal development with more and more of its citizens enjoying the opportunity to participate in the growth of the country. Corruption is low and in many areas has decreased with a large increase in transparency and public accountability as well as a more efficient administration.  Indonesia is a country that has a strong,.