How Does It Feel to Fail the Upsc Prelims Twice?

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How does it feel to fail the UPSC prelims twice?

I failed to clear prelims twice just like you. This is a very unfair world, where despite you put in a lot of hard work, sacrificing a lot of things that you love and show some serious commitment, your chances of success still is not good enough and you need a fair amount of luck. You can only control what can be given from your side and make sure you give your best. Well, i have decided to take up this challenge head on for one last time and see if i can end up where i want to. coming to the question, I feel that you DEFINITELY can clear it, provided, you work really hard for one more year and hope luck too favors you- remember luck needed is inversely proportional to the amount of hard work you put in. You also need to be smarter than your past self, learning from the mistakes you did there. Understand the pattern, though it is becoming more unpredictable it is still possible to expect question from certain part of the syllabus. be very consistent in your preparation. especially with current affairs and answer writing. work really hard on answer writing. and many more things. I understand that this is a tough phase where people who fail to clear prelims begin to question their ability and feel less confident, but I would like to say this exam is not a proper scale to measure your ability at all. There was a time when J K Rowling was rejected by many publishers and you know what happened after that. There was a time when nadal and federer used to struggle while djokovic dominated, but now its federer and nadal doing well and djokovic is struggling(I would like novak to do well too).. I can give ’n’number of such examples but you need to understand what t did.. T just never gave up and gave themselves more chances, pushed themselves harder, accepted mistakes and learnt from them, stayed open and flexible, believed in their ability. I am not saying you will definitely clear this exam with this much competition and low success rate, but if you believe you can, you have a very good chance of clearing. I would also like to say this is just an exam and there are so many things that you can do in your life in case you fail to clear it. I personally feel its better to give yourself 2–3 attempts and see if you can clear and move on if you can’t, instead of sticking on to this highly competitive exam where probability of success is very low. I can’t help you to know whether you can clear this exam or not, you will have to find it yourself. I Hope that I clear this exam and give myself the best chance for one last time and i hope you too will dig deeper and find that courage to attempt again and clear this exam. Remember my friend, “Hope is a good thing may be the best of things and no good thing ever dies.”

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So be positive and remember to have your highest expectation. I hope this exam won't scare you and I will see you on the exam itself, If I cannot clear this exam, Please leave a comment and share this post with friends and family.

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