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How many coders/developers do you know that can code/develop an application without referring to Google, Stack Overflow, and forums for codes?

Good question. Thanks for the Blackout To me, ‘Stack Overflow’ is an obvious source. Going there first is not a bad idea. But the way I search, I go to a big search engine (DuckDuckGo or Google) and that lands me often on SO. Usually that’s where the best answers are. I would also caution you. although SO is a great site, try and use what you find there as a way to upgrade your own skills. Tiny, piecemeal bits of information are no substitute for true and in-depth knowledge. But sometimes, SO can save you a lot of time chasing your tail on details that others only worked out with difficultly, and only had to because some blackbox code did not have good error messages. That said, where I’ve had little luck on SO is with more obscure technologies with smaller developer bases. These would include less-popular Java EE servers, for instance. In those cases, you can sometimes get information from the vendor site itself. Otherwise, you may wish to think of the “not on SO” as a call to look a little more closely at your problem. Go into the debugger. Read up on the technology. Try and rebuild your environment from scratch—and keep a log of what you tried. Some of the worst problems occur because an assumption that something was done correctly earlier, turned out to be wrong.

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If you find you were misled in any way, go back before the bug was in production or was on a test environment, and make that correction. Then, do a hard reset and see if another mistake doesn’t come back. A good first step is to build a list of what has changed, along with the new code and what might have changed. It’s worth documenting what you’ve learned. For those of you who are new at Google Research, this could be a great way to improve your code skills. To me, it’s hard to beat a good, hard-copy textbook. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t use external material. Sometimes it’s better to read a blog entry or white paper. But at the same time, do you really need a manual and an API reference? Surely you need some experience to really understand what the technology does..

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