Is Nuclear Energy a Good Alternative to Fossil Fuels?

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Is nuclear energy a good alternative to fossil fuels?

Replacing fossil fuels in an eco-friendly and efficient way is a tall order. In applications like lubricants, feedstock for plastics, jet fuel, and many others it will be very difficult. Fossil fuels should be conserved for these applications. The complex hydrocarbons in both liquid and solid fossil fuels have better uses than just being burned, especially since the vast amount of waste produced is not well contained. Most of it is just spewed into the atmosphere. It does not take much at all to be more eco-friendly than fossil fuels, especially as a source of energy. Using fossil fuels for large scale electrical energy production is wasteful. More than enough electrical energy could be produced to replace fossil fuel power plants without requiring such large volumes of materials that have to be mined and transported. If the replacement source of energy is fission power plants, the waste products can ALL be retained on site - no settling ponds or carbon dioxide emitted into the air. Fission nuclear energy could even be built on the site of retiring coal or oil fired power plants and reuse much of the existing power lines and other infrastructure. How is that for efficiency? RE. “Is nuclear energy good enough to replace fossil fuels in an eco-friendly and efficient way?” Yes, not only good enough but better than any other alternative.

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The cost of doing nothing is lower than doing something. ‪karenpavlak That sounds a little more feasible — I agree with the cost. That might be a bridge too far though. ‪karenpavlak I do not think it's technically possible to do the cleanup with wind and solar and have it be economical enough to be economically efficient — Mike Cappelle3. Not for a while anyway. I have written an interesting paper on the subject, so you can follow that stuff if you like. ‪karenpavlak Well it's not a cheap answer. I doubt anyone who is in the business of doing this is going to spend 300 billion on a cleanup. ‪karenpavlak I don't see where that number comes from. There aren't even any plants that are producing CO2 that are large enough to make our calculations valid — Mike Cappelle3. So the estimate is more of a theoretical discussion..