It Is Well Documented That Hurricanes Were the Reason Why Britain Won?

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It is well documented that hurricanes were the reason why Britain won the Battle of Britain? How was it possible that the UK plane performed so well against superior German aircraft?

The Battle of Britain was won by the British due to its superior strength. Whose planes were best is embedded in an overall answer to make sense. Germans said the 109 was best. Brits said the Spit was best (but the Hurricane was numerically the mainstay of the RAF). Pilots and infrastructure are so important as well. The weapons... Trenchard laid the foundations and Dowding finished building (with lots of others) the worlds first integrated air defence system —a model still used today. Some common myths to avoid - the Germans actually had better radar and the 8 gun British fighters were better armed than the 109 modern analysis has shown as 1940 as cannons werent so good then. The Hurricane was the mainstay in numbers and a weaker fighter- but Poles used these to such deadly effect. The Hurricane was almost obsolete but a steady gun platform for an inexperienced pilot and easier to build and repair. As for range issues although it gave the Germans a headache I think this is overstated somewhat. The men..... The RAF was an independent professional airforce. Staffed by a wide social range of pilots all dedicated men. And lots of commonwealth pilots and allied pilots. The Poles especially knew to synch all 8 guns at 100m - get in close deadly as hell. Especially as badly damaged aircraft hurt moral more and were sent back to Germany for repair that took too long. But Germans didn't count these as losses btw. If Britain just had time to pass on their knowledge and skills from the Poles….. Luftwaffe would have been really ripped to pieces as these guys fought as well as the best German pilots. The British pilots had bad tactics generally and were inexperienced. Brave as anyman can be as it took guts to attack large formations of Germans in a squadron. T did so as t were professionals, did their duty to King and Country and believed in their leaders. And Park was right in his tactics. Home team advantages.... Well talked about is the factor that downed pilots from the RAF could be flying again in the same fay but Germans were captured. Again important but I still think the RAF would have won without this. It certainly made the margin of victory a lot larger though. Again with fuel yes inconvenient for the Germans but I think the Germans over blame this as "we lost because of range, stupid Hitler and Goering" etc etc. German war histories are littered with excuses. Quite natural really who likes their arses to be kicked by a "much weaker" enemy? The man who wielded this mighty weapon... This weapon was weilded by Keith Park as head of 11 group. Both Dowding and him inspired men and women in the RAF to do their duty. The RAF was a highly professional and well oiled machine. But Keith Park was a poorly recognised genius as he wielded this weapon to rip the Luftwaffe to bits. He should be at Trafalger square with Nelson. Keith Park is the only man in history who in an hour could have destroyed western civilisation by making a mistake. Ok maybe it would have been not a total disaster — but he is the closest to anyone who could have done immense damage to the war effort. Do note later he massively improved training command and again whipped the Luftwaffe in the med tieing down 40% of German bomber strength at a critical time in the eastern front. A modest man who did his duty and cared for his men. A true leader. The 'mighty' Luftwaffe.... The Luftwaffe on the other hand was a poorly designed, unprofessional service of warrior individuals —especially the fighter fly boys . The aces focused on kills —not winning. Many pilots complained that their main job was to protect the aces rear while t improved their personal scores. Not good team building. As a tactical airforce vs weak opponents it looked good. But hid massive problems including. A weak training service — western airforces moved pilots to teach new ones - Germans fought till t died so didnt efficiently pass on combat skills. It had the worst repair service designed with typical German inefficiency vs the RAFs well oiled repair service. Britain produced twice as many planes as Germany per month in 1940. Another testimony to German inefficiency. Little reserves. Often forgotten are reserves. The British had far more reserves. While squadrons in the RAF were kept up to strength the Luftwaffe ones collapsed. And so did moral. Many feigned illness towards the end to escape the Battle. That says it all. Britain broke the moral of the Luftwaffe. This is where big wings had one advantage. Later on in the battle to see the RAF able to keep attacking as it did and then put large wings into battle demoralized the Germans. And before anyone says big wings were a good idea note these were proven to have the lowest kill ratios. Keith Park used the best tactics and he knew it. But like most geniuses wasnt good at office politics. He focused on winning. Not personal glory unlike some. Results. Take a look at German numbers in the Eastern front vs losses in the BoB. Especially in experienced pilots. Then see how this affected the Luftwaffe. Almost the same number. Ouch. And as others pointed out a tactical airforce used strategically is bound to fail. Germany couldn't afford 4 engine bombers. It needed many more 109 fighters. It needed intelligence services that understood the RAFs defence system (but t lacked the weapons to do much about it). Basically t had no chance. The RAF was the most deadly enemy.

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Also, there was a strong possibility the Allies could be in a full scale war with Germany and Japan simultaneously. That would almost certainly result in WWII, or it will likely lead to the fall of Germany if Japan and USSR joined in. Just thought I'd add that the only way for Britain to avoid the situation that Britain finds itself in is to resign after Germany would've won WW2. I think that, based on available information, it's likely the British made a mistake by getting involved at all and just ended up in the same situation as the US did with Vietnam. I don't think that is the case here as I honestly think Britain just gave up on the war after being beaten in two battles and a few key battles around the globe. They tried trying to fight a total war and failed and, just.