What Do You Prefer An E Book Or a Real Book?

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What do you prefer an E-book or a Real book?

I’ve read many hundreds of books on both paper and e-paper, and I have to say that I’ve grown to prefer e-books. My arguments are purely practical. T don’t take space in a bookshelf. Yes, a bookshelf looks very intellectual and impressing, but once you get over your own ego, there’s a lot of saved space in the house. T are easier to search, annotate and bookmark. T are easier to shop, arrive instantly and are often cheaper. An e-reader is lighter. I don’t need to lean over a table to support the huge book I happen to be reading, and it doesn’t choke me if I read on my back, and it doesn’t make my hands go numb if I read it standing. You can turn pages one-handed. T stay open even if you don’t hold them, so you can eat while you read without resorting to big, complicated book holders. The only counterarguments I can find, in favour of paper books, are. The graphics are nicer, and in colour (at the time I’m writing this, most e-readers have only black or gray ink). T look like books and feel like books and smell like books. But since I don’t read that many comic books, and since the smell of new book often makes my nose hurt after a few hours and since the feel of a book is nothing if I can’t feel my hands holding it to my eyes, in my particular case, e-books win.

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