What Was Your Worst Long Haul Flight?

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What was your worst long haul flight?

I classify long haul flights as anything that cross oceans. Such as from Canada to England which is about 7 hours. But there are of course “local“ flights within Canada not too much shorter, eg Toronto to Vancouver which is 5 hours, or Toronto to LAX , same, but that is an international flight, for it crosses a national boundary. I flew from Vancouver or Toronto to Hong Kong several times , took around 16 hours +from Toronto. a bit less from Vancouver. That is what I call long haul. and I use the rule of thumb 500 mph to estimate jet speed. Coming back will often be an hour less because of the prevailing wind.

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So let's look at this: If you look at the map of a typical route, it will include many long distance flights. The typical US long haul flight is to Hong Kong and then on to LAX where it will take at least 5 hours to cross a 6-hour zone. From China, we take Shanghai to Beijing. Shanghai and Beijing are about 1260 mph. So our calculated value of 6 hours is within 30 minutes. Now we can compute the distance! We know what route the plane will fly and all we have to do is get the route times! You can think of this as using the formula for circumference of a circle, the distance traveled times the number of turns, times the radius times the number of feet traveled times the surface area This will include everything to and from Los Angeles For example, you are going.