Why Is there So Much Exaggeration And Propaganda Surrounding Global?

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Why is there so much exaggeration and propaganda surrounding global warming aka climate change?

What drives global warming and climate change? Driving the discussion of global warming is the media, universities seeking Federal funds or endowments, subsidized alternative energy manufacturing or deployment, groups opposed to the extraction industry, and investment houses that cater to carbon trading. The latter could have made Al Gore richer than he is now through his JV with David Blood and the Capricorn Investment Group. The ice age did not come to an abrupt end. Humans are enjoying the benefit of a warmer climate thanks to this documented interglacial period. Productivity is up and farming is yielding more food on less land. Since 1965 agriculture harvests have jumped. Currently corn production alone has jumped 3 to 5 times the 1965 harvests in the US. Grapes are growing in the UK, which has not been possible since the Medieval Warming Period 950 - 1250 AD and during Roman occupation 900 years earlier. Flash forward some 800 years post medieval warming and humans are wringing their hands about a warming apocalypse. Earth goes through numerous cycles of solar perturbation and fluctuation. Changes of solar activity coupled with the Earth’s wobble plays a part in total solar radiance, which conversely causes the climate to vary. This idea was demonstrated by a new study produced by the University of Wisconsin-Madison geoscientists and Northwestern astrophysicist. “Over the ages, the subtle variations in the orbits of Earth and Mars, the scientists theorize, have impacted the amount of Earth's exposure to solar radiation and thus led to shifts in global temperatures, impacting the pattern of Earth's ice ages. Thinking about it rationally, by volume, dry air contains 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide and other trace gases. The 0.04% CO2 concentration figure Wikipedia uses brings the total atmospheric gases to a value greater than 100%, which is curious. Water vapour has more impact on climate than all the pollutants that humans can muster. The very idea that a small contribution of human CO2 could drive global warming strains credulity. Without a globe handy, it is hard to remember that landlocked humanity only occupies a fraction of the 29% of available land surface. While evidence that the Earth's orbital variations impact radiation levels and thus global temperatures, it does not of course mean that man has zero impact on the climate. It simply means that humans are not the climate driver so many people espouse. Studies that highlight natural phenomena impacting the planet underscore how global warming is beyond human control and about which we still have much to learn.

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Global warming proponents also frequently cite the Medieval Warm Period as an example of man's impact on the world. The Medieval Warm Period (roughly AD) followed in lockstep with the Medieval Warm and Little Ice ages that began 1000 years prior to the industrial revolution. However, some have pointed out over a decade ago that the Medieval Warm Period may not correspond to a global warming hiatus: There is no indication of any hiatus in global surface temperatures over the past 18 years. One prominent skeptic of warming and climate change, skeptic Phil Jones of Climate Research Unit, U.K. has now admitted that: “Atmospheric CO2 concentration, which has increased over the past 100 years in all likelihood as a result of human activity, is probably not at its 'pause' point yet. In other words, the Medieval Warm Period may be not that exceptional after all, at least at the.